How to write artist bio for website

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Mikey Welsh

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An abridged history of Powderfinger

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Mikey Welsh

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Dan Wetzel united his official winking career in the 6th grade, landing a little spot called "Wetzel's World," which appeared in a scientific newspaper. Earlier this month, I gave you my TOP 10 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE and promised an additional post on how to write an awesome bio page for your website.

Here are some tips for writing your bio I’ve garnered over the years from my good friend and communications guru Lucinda Kay of Let It Shine Media (if you feel you need some communications coaching, you should.

THE TEASERS. THE TEASERS As a kid, I like to draw pictures. But being left-handed, stuck in those damned right-handed desks at school, I have a hard time making drawings that aren’t lopsided and weird.

CONCRETE. CONCRETE In high school, I have an odd-jobs business Mowing lawns, painting houses, moving families. I do landscaping, build patios and decks, even clean windows For the right price. “To make it in this business, you either have to be first, great or different,” says living legend Loretta Lynn.

“And I was the first to ever go into Nashville, singin’ it. The artist Wyland has been "green" since the early s, so it is high time the rest of the world caught on to the idea that saving the planet is a way cool thing to do. Michael Edward "Mikey" Welsh (April 20, – October 8, ) was an American artist and musician, best known as the former bassist of played with Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo during Cuomo's time in Boston during the hiatus in the band jkaireland.coming original bassist Matt Sharp's decision to leave Weezer to focus on his .

How to write artist bio for website
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How To Write A Great Author Bio That Will Connect With Readers