Santa got stuck in the chimney writing activity for preschoolers

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Santa in Chimney Writing Paper

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Santa in Chimney Writing Paper

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We've got lots of variations so that all ages of children can use it. Holly Writing Paper This simple Christmas writing paper with a pretty holly design is perfect for letters to Santa, Christmas stories or thank you letters. The children were also singing, “When Santa got stuck up the chimney, he began to shout.” “You girls and boys won’t get any toys if you don’t pull me out.” The man sang.

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NOT the power of the Gospel--it is the PERSON(S) and INSTITUTIONAL power. Dec 06,  · December is one of my favorite months for writing because kids get SO creative when Santa Claus is involved.

Of course you write letters to Santa or about what you want for Christmas but I LOVE writing prompts that make kids laugh and think a little bit.

Santa got stuck in the chimney writing activity for preschoolers
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First Grade Wow: Oh No! Santa's Stuck!!